Practical workshop HOWARD GLUCKMAN Partial Extractions Therapy (PET) 

The loss of teeth will lead to resorbtion of the buccal plate with its resultant need for extensive augmentative procedures (both bone and soft tissue) as well as the risk of poor long term aesthetic stability. Partial Extraction Therapies (PET) are techniques that allow us to maintain the buccal bone plate and hence prevent the collapse of the alveolar bone creating a platform for ideal soft tissue and bone which is stable in the long term. This is a greater problem in the aesthetic areas. This lecture will take you through the different options with regards to immediate implant placement as well as the most cutting edge PET in a step by step fashion.

Language: English

Date: 24 October 2023


for Conference participants - 7600 PLN  
for other participants available from 31 May 2024 within the framework of free places - 9800 PLN


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